Human Connection

I’ve been thinking a lot about human connection lately. Sometimes you meet someone and it’s as though you’ve known each other many lifetimes and it’s effortless to talk deeply and endlessly with them. Most of the time it takes a lot more effort. Are certain people just portals? More open? Is it energy? Astrology? Sometimes I feel incredibly shy and soft-spoken and don’t feel like I have anything to share. Around others I’m louder, authentic and feel at home the instant I meet them. Some people drain me after a two minute encounter and others energize me for the rest of the day after the same amount of time. Are introversion and extroversion really a thing or is it just the people you’re around? I could think and talk about this subject forever and I can’t wait to use different mediums to explore these thoughts more. I’ve been healing from thyroid / endocrine issues and when I was suffering the most I found it very difficult to connect with others. Most of the time it felt like I didn’t have a voice or the energy or capacity to share or hold space for others as my own cup was overflowing. It forced me to get quiet within myself and I learned so much. I’m infinitely grateful to be mostly on the other side of that now, but I am also so thankful for the darkness. I really feel like I’ve been coming back home to myself. I find myself singing again, talking much more, over-sharing and feeling more comfortable taking up space. I long for more love, more emotions, more understanding, longer hugs, and real human connection. What are we doing here if not trying to really hear other people, empower others and leave them feeling nourished and less alone?